Hi, I'm Russ and I'm a Micro Four Thirds photographer.
No it's not a confession, or admission of guilt or shame it's a fact. And one I'm very happy to share.
Indeed before you read that opening sentence you may have never even heard the words micro four and thirds clumped together like that, and even now have no idea what they mean?.
In a nutshell it's a camera format and Google is your friend if you want to find out about all the different sorts available and how they all differ. You could be there a while though.
So why do I use Micro Four Thirds gear ?
Size, portability and a host of technical gubbins that make going out taking photographs fun. And that's the point, If I can just grab my camera and a few lenses and go..... I will !
And I do.....so stop reading and go and look at all the pretty stuff....hopefully the last thing you'll be thinking whilst doing so is......."I wonder what format camera he used for that?"
And at least you've learnt something today huh?
For the nerds, my camera of choice is the Panasonic Lumix G9.
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